Tagging guidelines

What to tag with
Each image should be tagged with both the character name, series and if they're from something other than an anime. When done, the tagme tag should be removed. If you can only fill in one of the two (e.g. you know the series but not the character name) leave the tagme tag in place so others can see it's still missing a tag. Might take tagging further than just character/series name in future but that'll do for now.

Replace spaces with underscores
Tags cannot contain spaces (if you do this each word will end up as a separate tag).
So, for example:
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann becomes tengen_toppa_gurren-lagann
  • Ichigo Mashimaro becomes ichigo_mashimaro

All tagging should be done in lower-case to keep things consistent.

Name order
All names should be in 'first-name last-name' order. You can check the Anime News Network Encyclopedia if you're uncertain of the order (all characters names are listed in 'first-name last-name' order there). If the character has a common alternative/nickname they should be tagged with that too (See >>2399 as an example).

'Special' tags
Beyond character names and series there are a few special tags:
  • tagme - for anything missing character and/or series tags
  • animated - for animated gifs and flash files
  • multiple - for combined gununu images (example: >>2519)
  • videogame - for videogame characters
  • real_life - for gununu images of real life people (example: >>2770)
  • broken - for images with a broken preview and/or full image. Assuming the preview isn't totally broken the file will be kept until a working replacement can be found

Still needs defining
These tagging points still clarifying, they're up for discussion in the forum.

Should images only be tagged with the 'main' series, only the series relevant to that character or both?
  • Tama-chan (>>2474) - Appears in Zuko Natsume Yuujinchou but should be tagged for the first series (Natsume Yuujinchou) as well/instead?
  • Motoko Kusanagi (>>1256) - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex design but should be tagged for 'Ghost in the Shell' as well/instead?

Should images be tagged for visible 'minor' characters? E.g. >>1256 is Motoko Kusanagi but there's a Tachikoma in the background so should it be tagged for that too?
Should with stick with 'firstname lastname' as a convention or should we use something like 'the same way as X is tagged on danbooru'?
How far should we take the tagging - to the extent of eye / hair colour and hat, bow, bleeding, etc.?

Still unsure?
Ask! That's what the forum is there for. :)